Lego Morgan 3 Wheeler – Man Cave Objet d’art

We’ve probably all dabbled with a bit of Lego when we were kids. Some may have even got on the road to proper spannering after tinkering with Lego’s Technics sets; there is no better way to learn the basics of mechanical engineering without the expense, grime and bloody knuckles that’ll eventually come with your first real car. But, I’ll be honest, I’d forgotten just how brilliant Technics was until I stumbled across this creation whilst idling on Twitter the other evening. In fact, as I quickly discovered, there’s a huge community of proper grown-ups building brilliant mechanical masterpieces out of Denmark’s greatest pint-sized export.

One such chap is 29 year old Frenchman, Nicholas Lespour. With a Masters degree in Mech Eng he spends his days in R&D for France’s leading manufacturer of orthopaedic hip and knee implants; but by night he’s an online Lego legend who blogs by the handle of nico71.


He’s built loads of stuff but, as a Cafe Roadster obsessive, the one thing that completely blew me away was this homage to the modern Morgan Three Wheeler complete with pushrods and rockers, a working 4-speed gearbox, independent front and rear suspension and RHD steering. Unlike some designers Nicholas has very generously uploaded his own build instructions, brick checklist and other top tips which can be downloaded for free here. There’s even a link to add the 971 necessary Lego parts required to a shopping cart at www.rebrickable.com

Check out Nicholas’s video. The final scene is especially funny; not sure whether that’s a British design flaw or French build quality? Actually, I think we’ll blame it on Danish materials this time.


2 thoughts on “Lego Morgan 3 Wheeler – Man Cave Objet d’art

    • Isn’t that the way of all our boyhood playthings: Action Man, Raleigh Burners, Star Wars stuff; it’s all worth a bomb nowadays. Never give owt away is my mantra!
      Thanks for your comments Dan.

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