Californian Café Roadster – 1965 MG Midget racer

This 1965 Midget has spent the last few years as a hillclimb car in sunny California and was recently seen up for sale online with Classic Cars Ltd of Pleasanton. While it might not yet be completely street legal (those front indicators have been neatly turned into extra vents) it absolutely nails the Café Roadster look. Lowered on painted factory wire rims, and stripped of all superfluous trim, it has the pared-down racer thing going on with a subtle smattering of retro stickers and dice valve caps. That paint isn’t factory standard but under the hood it still sports a mildly tuned 1380cc A series which hasn’t been massively mucked around with.

Lacking any weather protection, door glass or even a passenger’s windscreen wiper might have made it a fair weather fighter here in Blightly but it’s still the epitome of the Café Roadster style as we see it.

2 thoughts on “Californian Café Roadster – 1965 MG Midget racer

  1. That is lovely. Had one just like it back in the day. Great car, good times.
    Like the Cafe Racer idea for roadsters. Will keep an eye on your posts. Thanks

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