XCAR Morgan Aero Coupe 2013 - Cafe Roadster

2013 Morgan Aero Coupe – ‘Street Theatre’

XCAR called this beautifully shot feature ‘Street Theatre’ and it really is an achingly gorgeous little film for any fan of the Morgan Motor Company. With Alex taking the last gen’ Aero Coupe on a relaxed drive around central London, one balmy summer’s night in 2013, you are slowly hit with a range of emotions.

Of course, it’s bloody gorgeous; that’s a given. But in a world dominated by dreary grey Euro boxes it makes you really glad that the good folks at Morgan HQ continue to reinvent the past with such fabulous pieces of hand-crafted automotive art. It’s also engineering with a sense of humour, but backed up with British engineering nous.

The 2015 Aero 8 replaces  the old hard and soft topped versions with a best-of-both-worlds removable roof section. It’s more practical too and went down a storm in Geneva recently. Me however? Well, thanks to XCAR, I think I’d take a pre-loved tin-top like this one and trouser the change. What about you?


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