CWC Special Boat Service divers watch

We’re big fans of the Cabot Watch Company; battle-proven Swiss-movement timepieces that have been supplied to branches of the British Armed Forces since 1972. We love the entry level GS2000 for its elegant blokish simplicity, but there is one CWC watch – the holy grail for many collectors of such things – that has a particularly interesting story to tell, and is guaranteed to put to bed any flash Breitling-wearing city-type in the pub bragging rights.

Superseding the previous standard issue Omega Seamaster (the famous timepiece sported by one Commander James Bond) the CWC Royal Navy Automatic Divers watch has a large face, rotating bezel and a rugged silver case. However, the story goes that in the late 1990s there was a reconnaissance unit from the Special Boat Service operating out of Hong Kong, keeping an eye on their Chinese neighbours, that put in a request to their Quartermaster for a stealthy ‘less shiny’ wristwatch. As the MoD’s official supplier CWC were commissioned to knock up some prototypes which happily met all the SBS’s needs. The MoD put in a small order for an initial batch of just 120 watches; but to make the development of such a watch economically viable the deal was that CWC would be allowed to sell on a number of these special SBS ‘Black Ops’ versions to the general public. These watches (minus a MoD issue number engraved on the back) are now sold by Silverman, the official supplier of CWC watches, via their Amazon eshop.


Known as the Royal Marines SBS Divers Watch it is built to take the toughest knocks and is still in service to this day. The matte black case is water-resistant to 300m, has a day and date function, battery low indicator, luminous markers, a time elapse rotating bezel and a highly accurate Swiss quartz movement. Chaps, to get your hands on this prized piece of kit you now have two options: join the SBS or click the link below:


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