CWS GS2000

CWC British Army GS2000 wristwatch

Now, as you might guess, we are big fans of the Cabot Watch Company; tough little Swiss-made timepieces that have been tested to destruction by the world’s finest Armed Forces. Set up by a chap called Ray Mellor in 1972 CWC have been supplying functional understated wristwatches to service personnel with only a relatively small number making it out onto civvie street until recently.

CWS GS2000CWC’s entry model, the general service G10, is technically a current British Army issued bit of kit. However, just like the watches from Omega and IWC before it, as it’s gathered a proud military heritage and demand has grown so has its price tag. And although cash-strapped Quartermasters are unlikely to be stocking them for very much longer (only 300 or so have been handed out since 2009) you can still pick up an unissued or second-hand G10 from reputable watch dealers for less than £90.

Strangely, for quite a modestly priced timepiece, there are a large number of imitation CWC watches knocking about. The G10 isn’t exactly packed with features either. The good news is that CWC’s higher spec’d GS2000 has luminous hands and markers, a date function, acrylic glass face and no battery hatch; in all other respects it’s the same MoD approved watch as the iconic British Army G10 . Swiss-made to the same uber-high standards with a quartz movement it is supplied with a NATO approved 18mm fabric strap and even includes a FOC battery change when required.

Silverman are now the official supplier of CWC watches via their Amazon eshop. If you’d like your own piece of British horological militaria then the GS2000 can be yours for a pretty reasonable £175 + p&p.

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