Morgan Speedster – Automotive Theatre with XCAR

The 2014 Morgan Plus 8 Speedster centenary edition: I doubt there’s a better box-fresh Cafe Roadster on sale today that encapsulates the old-school joy of driving a real bare-bones sports car. It has everything: yesteryear’s ergonomics, the permanently open cockpit, 367bhp from its thunderous BMW V8 and little competition car touches to make one feel like a real gentleman racer. Alex clearly loves this car; he’ll happily forgive its quirks, rattles and creaks because, as XCAR have said before, Morgan doesn’t just build sports cars, they create ‘Automotive Theatre’.

Speedster can hit 62mph in just 4.5 seconds, can sail on to 150mph if you’re feeling very brave and is even available with a six-speed paddle-shift auto. We at Cafe Roadster love this retro dragster. It’s a glorious mish-mash of technologies and aesthetics – the best of both worlds – that’ll make you fall in love with driving all over again.

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