The $2million Shelby Cobra race car

We do love a genuine Cobra here on Café Roadster – a blend of British style and American muscle that works so well – and today we bring you something rather special from the Shelby stable. Chassis CSX 2011 was purchased for $7,471 by John A. Everly, of Winfield Kansas, on October 23, 1962, and with that, it became the first Shelby Cobra racecar to be sold to the public. Everley, a seasoned racer, traded his Ferrari 375 MM Spider for the privilege, and it soon replaced the Ferrari as his racing car of choice; no doubt a decision that would have brought a wry grin to Carroll Shelby’s face.

The car was fitted with front and rear sway bars, competition roll cage, a long range petrol tank, electronic ignition, Goodyear T-4 race tyres and proudly sported oblong “Shelby-AC Cobra” badges. CSX 2011 was indeed born ready for competition. Originally the car was finished in racing red with a black leather interior, but it bore unique blue and white race livery when it appeared at its first competitive outing, the Nassau, Bahamas Speed Week, just two month later.


According to the SAAC World Registry of Cobras and GT40s, CSX 2011 had a rich and successful racing career before it was sold on to is second owner in the 1980s who used it for the odd rally, hill climb and a few F&F-style “midnight runs on the streets of Dallas” before it was placed into long-term storage at his home.

It’s third owners were the Andrews family; America’s most prolific father and son collectors of cars and automobilia who have recently decided to downsize their huge hoard of American muscle cars to a manageable size of classics that they can really get out and use. But it is clear why CSX 2011 first appealed to Paul and Chris Andrews; as the first Cobra race car sold new to the public, with long-term Dallas ownership and a successful SCCA career, it is the perfect example to enjoy on the open road. It’s also what the Yanks call a survivor car, one that still bears the patina of a age and hasn’t been pampered or over restored. In fact this car still bears a battle scar from its first race meeting from 1963 exposing its original red paint job; a nice touch.


Even amongst the Andrews’ incredible collection, this example stands out as a wonderful example of preservation, attention to detail and patina’d racing provenance; and all this is reflected in the price which is expected to reach more than $2million when it comes up for sale at the RM Auctions in Fort Worth in Texas on the 2nd of May.

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