The writing team cut their teeth as freelancers with various print magazines and have dabbled in the black art of automotive PR, trackday hosting and banger rallies. The original goal of had always been to make enough money for the odd trip to the ‘Ring, a two course Indian at Christmas and get noticed enough by PR people to get blagging rights to fancy motors we’d never get to drive otherwise. Not lofty goals I admit, and as you can see from the site’s content, it’s far exceeded our expectations. This December, we even had dessert.

Anyhow, the idea for a Café Roadster was the brainchild of Darryl (AKA Dr.O), who had been wrestling with idea of the definitive ‘British Look’ in the modified car scene for some years. After a guilty German flirtation with OEM+ and a couple of ropey water-pumping Porsches, he’s now back on home ground with stable full of dead, dying or soon to be resurrected British Leyland steeds. But it was a long-lived thread on the Retro Rides forum that really got him thinking about a fresh four-wheeled take on the Café Racer scene. Further inspiration came from the Outlaw Porsche gurus at Singer Vehicle Design and the fabulous collection of Magnus Walker, and also from paddocks at the Goodwood Revival and Silverstone Classics race meets.

In short a Café Roadster should be British, brutish and bloody good-looking. We’re not claiming to have invented anything new here. Hundreds of (what we’d define as) bona fide Café Roadsters are already out there at hillclimbs, sprints and trackdays; hundreds more home-grown sportscars are brought out for a Sunday morning hoon and are the P&Js of spanner-savvy petrolheads across the globe. Our goal here is simply to give a tally-ho twist the Outlaw and Café Racer look and we’d like to be a rallying point for those that also believe that a Café Roadster could be a real ‘thing’.

Join the cause. Spread the word. Put the kettle on.


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